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Dear All and Miltiadis,

Those who are interested in the issues of Ontology, Semantic Technology and Knowledge Society may order the upcoming book, ''Building an Intellectual Knowledge Society with Ontology'', sending your requests to 
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  Dear All,

  I have a great interest in Knowledge Society. In fact I feel that
  Knowledge and Learning Society is the best term :)

  I have the honour to serve as the Book Series Editor in IGP, of "Knowledge and Learning Society Series"

  We have already published/finished/scheduled the following titles:

  1. Intelligent Learning Infrastructure for Knowledge Intensive
  Organizations: A Semantic Web Perspective

  Finished and scheduled for publication on October/November 2006

  2. Open Source for Knowledge and Learning Management: Strategies beyond

  3. Ubiquitous and Pervasive Knowledge and Learning Management: Semantics,
  Social Networking and New media to their full potential

  With these three editions we provide a meaningful set of novel approaches
  to Knowledge and Learning Management. It's not just a discussion on how
  Semantic Web, Open Source and Ubiquitous and Pervasive Technologies change
  our perceived borders of knowledge and learning exploitation. It's about
  making visible the value of Knowledge and Learning Management for the
  society (citizens, organizations, government).

  Scheduled for 2007:

  4. Technology Enhanced Learning: Best Practices

  5. Knowledge Management Strategies: A Handbook of Applied Technologies

  We are now evaluating two more proposals:

  6. Knowledge and Networks: A social software perspective 

  7. Knowledge Emulation Society

  I would be happy to provide more details on these editions for anyone of
  You interested in. There are some complimentary issues for evaluation

  Last but not least we are looking for 3-4 more titles for publication in
  2007. I would be happy to receive proposals for evaluation. Our objective
  is to develop editions targeting in big audiences. In fact targeting to
  the society. Since in the next month we will develop an official web page
  for the edition, I would be happy if anyone of you is interested in
  serving as Reviewer. Just send me a mail.

  Best Regards


  PS: Download for free the preliminary edition of Semantic Web Factbook
  2005 from

   Dr. Miltiadis D. Lytras
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  Information Systems Track:
  Lytras M. and Naeve A. (eds) Intelligent Learning Infrastructure for
  Knolwedge Intensive Organizations: A Semantic Web Perspective:


  Ambjörn Naeve, Miltiadis Lytras, Wolfgang Nejdl, Nicolas Balacheff, Joseph
  Hardin, Advances of Semantic Web for E-learning: Expanding learning
  frontiers, British Journal of Educational Technology, 37(3) 2006,
  Lytras M., Iyer L., Tsakalidis A.,"Exploiting Knowledge Management for
  Ubiquitous E-Government in the Semantic Web Era", Electronic Government,
  an International Journal (EG), Vol. 3 Issue (1) 2006,

  Gutiérrez de Mesa JA, Rodríguez-García D., Lytras M., "Ubiquitous
  Computing", in Upgrade, Digital journal of CEPIS (Council of European
  Professional Informatics Societies), Vol. VI, October 2005 issue, in
  English, <>
  Lytras M., Sicilia M.A., Kinshuk, Sampson D. , "Semantic and social
  aspects of learning in organizations", The Learning Organization Journal,
  Volume 12, Issue 5, 2005

  Lytras M., Sicilia M.A, Davies J., Kashyap V., "Digital libraries in the
  knowledge era: Knowledge management and Semantic Web technologies",
  Library Management:, Volume 26 Issue 4/5 , 2005,

  Sampson D., Lytras M., Wagner G. and Diaz P., "Ontologies and the Semantic
  Web for E-learning", Educational Technolgy and Society Journal, 7(4) 2004,
  Lytras M., Naeve A., Pouloudi N., "Knowledge Management Technologies for
  E-learning", IJ of Distance Educational Technologies, 3(2) 2005,

  OUR CFPs: 
  IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, "Knowledge and Data
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