I have some questions about pellet, fact++ and dig

I want to do bechkmark test with several other
inference engines(IBM minerva, pellet, racer and so

about fact ++

1. It seems Fact++ cannot load an ontology schema
file, which is remotely separated from an instance DIG
file. So I come to have a conclusion that the ontology
schema should exist in an instance file. If I am
wrong, how does the Fact++ refer to an ontology schema
to make an inference from instances (individual or
fact data) ?
2. It seems that only one DIG file can be loaded onto
Fact++ at one time. How should I do to load more than
one DIG files to one Knowledge Base?
3. I think that Fact++ has limitations about the size
of DIG file and the number of assertion contained in a
DIG file. If it is right, please inform me the
limitations in using FacT++. (ex. memory limitation) 

about pellet

1. When I uploaded the OWL instance files, I could not
do more than 7Mbytes (RAM memory of my computer is 1
GByte). Its error massage was "Exception in thread
"main" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space".
Pellet seems to have some limitations about the size
of OWL file or the number of instances contained in an
OWL file. If it is right, please inform me the
detailed limitations in using Pellet. (ex. memory

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