Re: Linguistic Semantic Web gTLDs & meetings in Geneva

On 5/5/06, Dr. Francis MUGUET <> wrote:

> The first two docs were given by
> Danny Ayers as the first answer on the list.
> New Top Level Domains Considered Harmful - Tim Berners-Lee
> Why Using TLDs for Filtering is Ineffective, Harmful, and Unnecessary
> - Ian Jacobs
> I consider this was a quick answer

True, but I believe that many of the issues raised in those pieces do
apply to your proposal. I see nothing in your proposal that addresses
the fundamentals, in particular, that TLDs fragment the network, which
is likely to impact the benefits of a uniform system; this approach to
partitioning of the information space is likely to be
ineffective/inefficient in the web environment.

> How the SW would emerge if it emerges at all ?

Your proposal to be more about creating a separate "sterile" sebweb in
a predefined shape, rather than encouraging an environment which can
support  messy, organic, useful and *interesting* emergent systems. I
personally believe it's only a matter of (not long) time before a
semweb will emerge, how close it looks to the semweb of RDF & OWL will
likely depend in part on how quickly folks get their demos online...

Basically I reckon it'll be easier to solve the kind of problems you
talk of by building on the working system we've already got rather
than by trying to rebuild the architectural foundations.

In case there's any doubt next time around, on your proposal I submit:




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