EKAW2006: Call for Posters/Demos

     15th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management


Important Dates

Submission due: 15, June, 2006
Notification:   15, July, 2006
Camera-Ready:   21, August, 2006

Topics of Interest

The 15th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management is concerned with all aspects of eliciting, acquiring, modelling, managing and exploiting knowledge, and the role of these aspects in the construction of knowledge-intensive systems and services. In particular, but not exclusively, we solicit papers about the following topics:


    * Languages for ontologies and the semantic web
    * Methods and tools for collaborative building, evolution and evaluation of ontologies
    * Knowledge modelling, knowledge management and knowledge evolution on the semantic web
    * Ontology learning
    * Ontology reengineering, reuse, merging, alignment, integration and certification
    * Ontologies for information sharing and intelligent information integration
    * Ontology-based annotation
    * Multimedia technologies and the semantic web
    * Semantic Wikis, Semantic Bloggs


    * Semantic web services: Theory, Tools and Applications
    * Semantic grid services: Theory, infrastructure and Applications
    * Knowledge Services for e-Science
    * Problem solving methods and semantic web services
    * Peer to Peer communication between semantic systems
    * Brokering systems
    * Ontologies and agents
    * Semantic Portals


    * Social and human factors dimensions of knowledge management
    * Knowledge and social network analysis & modelling
    * Knowledge in trust networks
    * Social Tagging and Folksonomies


    * Methodologies and tools for Knowledge Management
    * Methodologies and tools for (possibly distributed) corporate memory construction, evaluation and evolution
    * Knowledge modelling and enterprise modelling
    * Human language technologies and Knowledge Management


    * Advanced Knowledge modelling languages and tools
    * Knowledge capture through machine learning and knowledge discovery in data bases
    * Specific knowledge modelling issues for CBR systems, cooperative KBS, training applications
    * Knowledge Acquisition from texts and WWW
    * Evaluation of methods, techniques and tools for Knowledge Acquisition
    * Knowledge engineering and software engineering
    * Uncertainty and vagueness aspects of knowledge modelling

Besides the scientific and industrial paper track, EKAW asks for
poster and demonstration contribution that will be presented in a
special session during the conference.

Requested Contributions

We are looking for contributions whose nature make them less
suited for submission to the official paper track. We would like
to emphasize this point and make clear that the poster and demo
session is more than a second chance for a rejected paper. In
particular, we ask for contributions of the following kind.

Late-breaking and Speculative Results:

Significant and original ideas with promising approaches to resolve
open problems in research that are in an early stage
and have not been verified and tested sufficiently to meet the
requirements of a scientific publication. Submissions in this area
will be evaluated like a scientific paper but limited to the
aspects of originality, relevance and significance.

Descriptions of System Demonstrations:

Descriptions (preferably accompanied by demonstration) of new
systems that use Semantic Web technology to solve important real
world problems. We are also looking for software infrastructure
supporting the development of systems that use Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management technologies. Systems will be evaluated based on novelty and
significance of the application as well as the use of KE&KM
technologies for solving the problem. The main criteria for
contributions on infrastructure is successful use in existing
applications as well as uniqueness of the provided services.

Projects and Initiatives:

Descriptions of the objectives and results of ongoing projects and
initiatives. The aim is to provide an overview of ongoing work in
the area of the KE&KM. Contributions in this area will be
evaluated based on the importance and uniqueness of the
objectives. Further criteria for project descriptions are the
significance of results. Descriptions of initiatives will also be
evaluated with respect to the expected impact on the community.


EKAW 2006 welcomes your submission to the poster and demo session.
Descriptions of the poster and/or demonstration is due
June 15th, 2006 and should not exceed two (2) pages in the ACM SIG
format (http://www.acm.org/sigs/pubs/proceed/template.html).
Please submit your contribution at:


We accept only submissions in the PDF format. Your submission will
be reviewed at least by two reviewers according to the criteria
specified above; so please label your submission as either a demo
or poster.

Please note: Demo and poster submissions will be published in a
separate proceedings and will be handed out to participants of EKAW. 

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