Re: newbie FAQ

On 5/30/06, <> wrote:
> If I tell an RDFS reasoner only this much, plus the proper
> name space declarations (all using XML syntax if I must) ...
>    :foo rdfs:domain :bar .
> .... I expect it to infer that :foo is an rdf:Property and :bar
> is an rdfs:class.  Please say if I'm wrong here.  Otherwise:
> Q1) Instead of troubling *you* to confirm, what solid reasoner(s)
> now exist on the public web that I might have easily asked?

There's an online demo of Pellet:

> Q2) For your favorite free one, how would I phrase my questions?

@prefix rdfs: <> .
@prefix : <> .

:foo rdfs:domain :bar .

(tick Check ontology consistency and Display class hierarchy)

There are a lot more reasoners available (Jena, cwm, the family
Euler...), but I'm not sure which have online services. This is
probably a good thing to go on the ESW Wiki -



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