HTTP RFCs as RDF Classes

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For EARL reports, ERT WG needs to provide mechanisms for recording specific Web content that may be negotiated between the server and the client. A URI is therefore not sufficient to identify such content (for example, several versions of a "Web page" under the same URL are being served by language negotiation).

In order to be able to identify such content (aka "resources", "delivery units", "Web unites" etc), ERT WG has translated some of the relevant RFCs into RDF classes and properties. The group has decided to publish this vocabulary as Working Group Notes that are separate from EARL because their scope and usage is really beyond EARL only. We plan to reuse this vocabulary in EARL 1.0 which is currently on Recommendation track.

Since this work may be useful to other groups, we would like to have your feedback and input before publishing these notes. Please provide us ( with any comments by Friday 2nd June, or let me know if you intend to provide comments after this period.

Here are the relevant documents (they are pretty short):

* HTTP in RDF, 8 May 2006, Editors' Note

* RDF822 in RDF, 2 May 2006, Editors' Note

More information about ERT WG work and deliverables:


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