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Bug in RPC Signature Extension Schema

Comments on WSDL SOAP Binding Extension section of Adjuncts from WS-Addressing WG

Definition of the wsdlx namespace

Description's {type definitions} mapping

editorial comments on WSDL 2 part 1 last call draft

editorial comments on WSDL 2 part 2 - adjuncts - last call draft

Editorial: Part 1, Introduction

editorial: part 2 section 2 beginning

Editorial: Part 2, XML Namespace Table

fault serialization

HTTP binding: defaultTransferCoding typo

HTTP binding: Misalignment between IRI style and application/x-www-form-urlencoded serialization, and between Multipart style and multipart/form-data serialization

HTTP binding: Part 2 section 6.3 Default Binding Rules clarification

Identification of an interface operation

Incomplete list of operation styles in Part 1

Infoset refs

LC ISSUE from WSA: Clarify applicability of wsdx:Interface and wsdx:Binding

LC ISSUE: Editorial points

limitations of {http output serialization}

Notational conventions

Part 1: use of ws namespace prefix

Part 2: introduction is incomplete

Part 2: Mapping from XML Representations to Component Properties

POST & application/x-www-form-urlencoded serializatin

Predefined MEPs: typo in the definition

Reminder Call for papers: workshop on Web service orchestration in enterprise knowledge infrastructures

Reminder! Call for papers: workshop on Web service orchestration in enterprise knowledge infrastructures

RPC style: an example defines a type

simple case of IRIs for Components in WSDL 2.0

SOAP and HTTP bindings: Editorial reorganization for defaults

SOAP and HTTP bindings: {parent} property for nested components

typo in


URI comparison reference

What is a valid WSDL component model?

What is the extension type system URI?

WSDL 2.0 LC Comments, specifically LC issue 76d

WSDL 2: adjuncts description of #any msg content model unclear

WSDL 2: binding defaults not component model properties?

WSDL 2: HTTP binding error reason phrase unnecessary

WSDL 2: HTTP input, output, fault serialization in the wrong place

WSDL 2: operation styles should mandate content model

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