WSDL 2: binding defaults not component model properties?

Hi all,

a last call comment on the 2005 last call draft of the adjuncts:

In both bindings, SOAP and HTTP, there are a number of attributes for
specifying defaults, like transferCodingDefault, mepDefault,
methodDefault etc. These attributes are used when constructing the
component model, but they only provide the defaults for the created
operation and message reference components, for example a binding
operation will get the default HTTP transfer coding if it doesn't
specify its own.

I don't think this will work the expected way for interfaceless
bindings, i.e. bindings that don't say what interface they bind. These
bindings don't contain any operations, so the defaults are not used and
are dropped. I'm not sure what is used for those affected properties
when the binding is used on an endpoint and thus indirectly connected to
the endpoint's service's interface.

I believe we should add component properties to carry these default
values in the component model.

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Jacek Kopecky

Received on Tuesday, 6 September 2005 19:13:09 UTC