editorial comments on WSDL 2 part 2 - adjuncts - last call draft

Hi all,

here are some (IMHO) editorial comments on WSDL2 part 2 (Adjuncts) 2005
last call draft:

1) MAY is IMHO overly capitalized in many places and should be
lowercased: 3.1 (thus the operation MAY or MAY NOT be safe 8-) ); 4.1.1;
first in Accept headers in 6.3; 6.8.1; ednote in; double curly
brace in

My rule of thumb is to capitalize MAY where a reader could reasonably
expect MUST NOT or SHOULD NOT, like "the property MAY be empty", but not
where the may is kinda obvious, like "XML Schema MAY be used [in WSDL]".

My reason for dropping the capitalization is to make it easier for the
reader - they won't need to stop and think about the significance of
this particular MAY (like "should I have expected otherwise for some

2) in 5.9.2, in the bullet, the word "added" seems to be missing before
"to the Binding...", or something other is missing in that sentence.

3) section 5 in the beginning (fourth para) points out how no defaults
are provided for faults so if an interface contains faults, it must be
bound explicitly. That's no longer true since we made code and subcodes
optional; that fourth paragraph from section 5 should be removed.

Best regards,

Jacek Kopecky

Received on Tuesday, 6 September 2005 18:50:13 UTC