A few typos courtesy of Marc:


Section 2, first paragraph after note: "define the sequence and of
abstract messages" should be "define the sequence of abstract messages"


Section 5.10.1: "ond" should be "and"


Section 5.11.2:

"extension of the 5." should be either "extension of 5." or "extension
of section 5."

"patterns defined in 2." should be "patterns defined in section 2" 

"patterns defined in 6." should be "patterns defined in section 6.6" 


Section 5.9.1: "it is permissible for specification interaction to
engage" is very strange wording. I don't really have an alternative but
wanted to call attention to it.


Section 6.3 first note after table 6-1: "stype" should be "type"



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