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[webappsec] Teleconference Monday June 1 CANCELLED Brad Hill (Friday, 29 May)

[credential management] Cross-origin credentials (was: Identity Credentials API Extension) Adrian Hope-Bailie (Friday, 29 May)

Call for Exclusions (Update): Content Security Policy Pinning Coralie Mercier (Thursday, 28 May)

[SRI] review note 2 timeless (Wednesday, 27 May)

[SRI] review note 1 timeless (Wednesday, 27 May)

[REFERRER] 301 Redirections with cross origin and same origin nodes? Kristijan Burnik (Tuesday, 26 May)

[mixed-content] How to move "localStorage" or "IndexedDB" from HTTP to HTTPS? Vic99999 (Saturday, 23 May)

[REFERRER] Referrer Policy Test Suite - The first batch is in! Kristijan Burnik (Friday, 22 May)

[credential management] Identity Credentials API Extension Manu Sporny (Thursday, 21 May)

Logjam and Resetting Handshake Timers in Browsers Jeffrey Walton (Thursday, 21 May)

Harmonizing same-origin and cross-origin credentials Manu Sporny (Monday, 18 May)

Comments on Subresource integrity Watson Ladd (Saturday, 16 May)

SRI for preemptive cache validation Jeff Kaufman (Friday, 15 May)

[CSP3] Question on the use case of the CSP request header 寒蕊 (Friday, 15 May)

[credential-management] Risk in same origin and SSL/TLS requirements Keiji Takeda (Wednesday, 13 May)

Monday May 18 teleconference topics Daniel Veditz (Wednesday, 13 May)

[SRI] Some new tests Brad Hill (Tuesday, 12 May)

[REFERRER] origin-when-crossorigin OR origin-when-cross-origin Jerry Qu (Saturday, 9 May)

Proposal: Two changes to iframe@sandbox Mike West (Monday, 11 May)

[Bug 28620] New: vbvcb (Saturday, 9 May)

Abusing HTTP status codes to deanonymize web users Ahmed Elsobky (Thursday, 7 May)

[SRI] Comments on Subresource Integrity spec Gervase Markham (Thursday, 7 May)

[SRI] integrity + login looks broken Manger, James (Thursday, 7 May)

[SRI] Requiring CORS for SRI Tanvi Vyas (Wednesday, 6 May)

Re: CfC: Subresource Integrity (SRI) to Last Call? Frederik Braun (Wednesday, 6 May)

Microsoft is considering Chrome's Native Messaging Anders Rundgren (Tuesday, 5 May)

Permissions API vs local APIs Anne van Kesteren (Tuesday, 5 May)

[webappsec] proposed Teleconference Agenda 4-May-2015 (Subresource Integrity) Frederik Braun (Monday, 4 May)

Re: [CSP2] Preventing page navigation to untrusted sources Deian Stefan (Wednesday, 29 April)

Re: [REFERRER] policy inheritance via javascript: URI and new document Sid Stamm (Friday, 1 May)

Re: F2F Meeting? Mark Nottingham (Friday, 1 May)

Re: [webappsec] Monday Teleconference HOMEWORK Francois Marier (Friday, 1 May)

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