Re: Permissions API vs local APIs

On Wed, May 6, 2015 at 6:34 PM, Miguel Garcia <> wrote:
> Notifications has it (as a property instead of a method which is a pain).

Notifications is a special snowflake though since it has a
requestPermission() method too which no other API that requires
permission (e.g. geolocation, fullscreen, pointer lock) has today. The
Notifications API predates a general Permissions API but is otherwise
largely identical.

> I think that once the permissions API has shipped in both Mozilla and Chrome
> we should get future APIs to use it exclusively. Push seems to be a bit
> border line given the timeline so I think we should just implement in both
> places.

Given that Doug seems okay with shipping this as part of the
Permissions API (which won't wait until 2017, at least not the query()
part) I'm led to the opposite conclusion.


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