[webappsec] Teleconference Monday June 1 CANCELLED

Unfortunately, 50% of the editors for next week's scheduled call are
unavailable, so we will CANCEL the call and reschedule discussion of
Referrer Policy and The Permissions API for our next regularly-scheduled
call on June 15.  (UI Security and CSP3 will move to a TBD date, probably
in August.

A reminder to everyone, we are still planning on an interim F2F in Berlin,
in the July 13-15 range.  The exact venue and schedule is still being
arranged, but the goal will be to have joint discussions with STREWS and
the W3C TAG on the "big picture" of the security architecture of the Web,
http->https transitions.  In particular, spces like SRI, Mixed Content,
Secure Contexts, and Upgrade Insecure Requests will be in-focus.

Please hold some time on your calendar if you would like to attend and I
hope to have more details soon.

-Brad Hill

Received on Friday, 29 May 2015 18:36:57 UTC