[REFERRER] Referrer Policy Test Suite - The first batch is in!

Hi to all,

For the past three weeks I've been working on creating a test suite for the
new Referrer Policy together with the editors of the spec: Mike and Jochen.

They have been immensely helpful with their guidance and review!

The first batch of the test suite including nearly 500 tests for the
Referrer Policy has landed here today:

As this is still a very early stage of both the spec and the test suite,
any comments, suggestions or issues posted are very welcome! I'm looking
forward to get some of your input and feedback.

Please include the subject prefix [REFERRER] when sending out an e-mail or
reporting an issue on GitHub.


Just to remind, here is the Referrer Policy draft spec:

As for the test suite, here's some of the planned maintenance that's
currently in development:
- reduce size of the HTML test file and strive to increase run-time
- extend the test generator to support command line flags for selecting
- remove sanity checks when in production
- rearrange the test suite into debug/release mode for getting best out of
both worlds
- determine which tests are exhibiting duplicate behavior and/or can be
- HTTP redirection tests
- HTTPS to HTTP downgrades

The most up to date suite you can find in my fork of the WPT (branch:

Pull requests are welcome! :-)


*Kristijan Burnik*

Software Engineering Intern


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