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Sounds like a good plan, thanks Manu.

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> On 05/13/2015 07:51 AM, Mike West wrote:
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> > Credential Management spec:
> > issues:
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> > CCing Manu and Dave: Will either of you (or another representative
> > from the Credentials CG/Web Payments IG) be able to attend?
> Yes, I will be able to attend and I'm pretty sure Dave will be as well.
> We've been tracking the latest changes in the spec, and are upbeat about
> the direction. If you feel you've got the spec in a state that we can do
> a thorough analysis, we can do that next week to see if the new
> extension points work for our use cases.
> We have some high level questions to explore on the call, such as:
> * Does the current charter of WebAppSec allow us to discuss cross-origin
> credentials, or is the discussion limited to same-origin credentials?
> * Does the W3C want to support cross-origin credentials in the future,
> and if we don't know the answer to that, do we need to elevate this
> question to the TAG or W3M? We're going to hit the question head-on
> if/when the Credentials WG is chartered.
> 25 minutes is not a great deal of time to have an in-depth discussion,
> so I suggest we do the following:
> 1. Use the telecon to touch base on the progress you've made on the spec
> and solidify the sort of proposal that you'd like to see from us.
> 2. Produce an expected extension for the cross-origin credential use
> cases we have for the Credentials CG/WG work.
> 3. Set aside time to discuss the extension in depth with you, and the
> changes we expect would need to be made to make local, federated, and
> remotely stored cross-origin credentials work seamlessly with the
> credential management API.
> Does that plan work for you, Mike? Brad and Dan?
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