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[webappsec] Cancel tomorrow's call? Brad Hill (Tuesday, 25 March)

Re: CSP, Fetch, and Service Workers Anne van Kesteren (Tuesday, 25 March)

Re: [websec] Last Call Announcement: UI Security at W3C WebAppSec WG Yoav Nir (Monday, 24 March)

Starter Javascript API proposal for CSP Paul Frazee (Monday, 24 March)

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Couple comments on Subresource Integrity Trevor Perrin (Tuesday, 25 March)

[Integrity] [was: Re: First Public Working Draft announcement: Subresource Integrity] Daniel Kahn Gillmor (Monday, 24 March)

[Integrity] Using hashes to locate the resource Roman Ivanov (Thursday, 20 March)

Re: Transition Request: Subresource Integrity to FPWD Wendy Seltzer (Thursday, 20 March)

Feedback on subresource integrity Jacob Hoffman-Andrews (Thursday, 20 March)

Call for Exclusions: User Interface Security Directives for Content Security Policy Coralie Mercier (Tuesday, 18 March)

Call for Exclusions: Subresource Integrity Coralie Mercier (Tuesday, 18 March)

[webappsec] AGENDA: Teleconference 12-March-2014 08:00 PST Brad Hill (Tuesday, 11 March)

[integrity] What should we hash? Devdatta Akhawe (Tuesday, 11 March)

HSTS over HTTP question. Ingo Chao (Friday, 7 March)

Call for Consensus: Subresource Integrity to FPWD. Mike West (Wednesday, 5 March)

adding Access-Control-Allow-Local to CORS Mountie Lee (Wednesday, 5 March)

Re: Removal of the note about extensions Mitar (Saturday, 1 March)

Meta tag verification Joel Weinberger (Saturday, 1 March)

Re: Remove paths from CSP? Joel Weinberger (Saturday, 1 March)

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