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[minutes] 2013-12-02 Revising W3C Process Community Group Teleconference

[tr] Proposed New Outline

AB Ivory Tower [Was: Re: [tr] Proposed New Outline]

Agenda for Chapter 7 Process Doc TF for Monday, 16 December

Agenda for Chapter 7 Process Doc TF for Monday, 2 December

Apologies for today

closing issues...

Comments on 6 December 2013 Chapter 7 draft

getting external review of W3C process changes

Issue-55 [Was: Re: [minutes] 2013-11-25 Chapter 7 Revisions meeting]

LCCR period too short

New chapter 7 draft

New draft of process proposal

New proposal for transition to a revised Technical Report Development Process [W3Process-ISSUE-39, W3Process-ACTION-20]

Objection to publishing DOM Parsing and Serialization (was Re: CfC: publish LCWD of DOM Parsing and Serialization; deadline December 3)

Purpose (and Naming) of LCCR

Re : AB Ivory Tower [Was: Re: [tr] Proposed New Outline]

w3process-ISSUE-60 (Ch7-Evolution): Chapter 7 should be moved to Github to encourage and facilitate contributions to its evolution [Document life cycle (ch 7)]

w3process-ISSUE-65 (Ch7-Define-(un)Stable): Chapter 7: define stable and unstable [Document life cycle (ch 7)]

w3process-ISSUE-69 (Ch7-Get-Review-from-SDOs): Chapter 7: get Wide Review of Chapter 7 from other SDOs [Document life cycle (ch 7)]

w3process-ISSUE-71 (PubRules-WHATWG): Define PubRules for WHATWG references

w3process-ISSUE-71 (PubRules-WHATWG): Define PubRules for WHATWG references [Publication Rules (aka PubRules)]

w3process-ISSUE-72 (change types): Rationalising the definition of different types of change [Document life cycle (ch 7)]

w3process-ISSUE-73 (PubRules-Evolution): Pub Rules' rules, maintenance, evolution, etc. should be transparent and Public [Publication Rules (aka PubRules)]

w3process-ISSUE-74 (NeXtSteps?): Must specs describe next steps? [Document life cycle (ch 7)]

w3process-ISSUE-75 (Announcing transitions): How and to whom are transitions announced? [Document life cycle (ch 7)]

w3process-ISSUE-76 (CR changelogs): Requirement to document changes between CR publications [Document life cycle (ch 7)]

w3process-ISSUE-77 (Publishing a Rec): Clarify the process of moving from CR to REC [Document life cycle (ch 7)]

w3process-ISSUE-78 (Redundant Rescindment Requirements): Requirements for public discussion and wide review of rescindment request are redundant [Document life cycle (ch 7)]

w3process-ISSUE-79: Don't require republication after 6 months of no publication

w3process-ISSUE-80: Publishing Note to end unfinished REC should only be SHOULD

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