Re: Issue-55 [Was: Re: [minutes] 2013-11-25 Chapter 7 Revisions meeting]

Top posting for the win.

This is potentially a process issue - there is no reason the process  
cannot require that no working group meeting is scheduled in a conflicting  
time or location.

I don't think it's worth putting into the process, but I don't feel  
strongly about that opinion - if Art gets some support, I'm not going to  
fight hard against a change to make that requirement.



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>>    issue-55?
>>    <trackbot> issue-55 -- AC Meetings should not be scheduled to
>>    overlap All WG meetings -- raised
>>    SteveZ: I'd put this in the "not a process issue" category,
>>    certainly not an issue for Chapter 7
>>    Ralph: I agree
>>    ... I also doubt it's a process issue.
>>    ... But the community can followup on it.
>>    SteveZ: I'll notify Art.
>>    Jeff: Art raised this as a W3C Process issue
>>    Ralph: I recommend Steve writes to Chaals that this isn't a
>>    process issue
> Issue-55 cites Chapter 2 of Process-20051014 which _does_ define the  
> requirements for AC meetings so I don't understand the view that "this  
> isn't a process issue".
> You'll notice the "Product" for this issue is the generic "Process  
> Document" and _not_ the Chapter 7 tracker Product.
> SZ: You comment above is valid, the section to which you refer does  
> define rules for AC Meetings. The reason for my comment that it was not  
> a Process Issue was that we try to put into the Process only that which  
> needs to happen, primarily to insure fairness, the right to participate  
> and enable public review. This did not seem to be in that category of  
> things.  Things such as scheduling within meetings is left to the  
> meeting organizers. We generally avoid trying to micro-manage such  
> decisions.
> I would also note that one could achieve your result by having less time  
> for WG meetings so they did not overlap the AC Meeting times. That may  
> be counter productive.
> Steve
> -AB

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