Re: New proposal for transition to a revised Technical Report Development Process [W3Process-ISSUE-39, W3Process-ACTION-20]

On 12/02/2013 06:39 AM, Ralph Swick wrote:
> Considering the input on issue-39 [1,2] to-date, I offer the following
> revised proposal:
> Re: ISSUE-39: Managing the transition to a new TR cycle
> Should the W3C Advisory Committee approve a new Technical Report
> Development Process the Director will need to state the manner and
> schedule for deployment of the revised Process.
> As of the Director's announcement of the approval of a new Technical
> Report Development Process:
> 1. All Technical Reports published after the adoption of a revised
>     TR Development Process will state whether they were developed
>     under the 2005 Process or under the new [2014] Process.

I'm not sure this should be required for REC documents, which should
have already fulfilled requirements made in either process.

Also I would like to phase out this requirement somehow. It's going
to be not-particularly-useful boilerplate 5 years from now. So I'm
only OK with this if we have a phase-out plan.

> 3. Any Working Group with Recommendation Track documents published
>     as Last Call Working Drafts under the 2005 Process will continue
>     to follow the 2005 Process for those documents.

Until they get to another jump point, right? :)

Overall, looks good. I approve.


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