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> On Dec 13, 2013, at 4:54 AM, Charles McCathie Nevile  
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>> On Fri, 13 Dec 2013 09:09:30 +0400, Ian Jacobs <> wrote:
>>> On Dec 12, 2013, at 4:50 AM, Charles McCathie Nevile  
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>>>> On Mon, 09 Dec 2013 19:03:30 +0400, Ian Jacobs <> wrote
>> [nsip]
>>>>> - 7.4.1.a First Public Working Draft
>>>> Now 7.3.1
>>>>> The draft says: "The Director must announce the publication of a
>>>>> First Public Working Draft publication to other W3C groups and to
>>>>> the public." In practice we do not announce publications to other
>>>>> W3C groups other than via the home page (which is to the public).  I
>>>>> have also not heard requests for a second type of announcement to
>>>>> groups. Therefore, I propose to delete "to other W3C groups and"
>>>> Raised issue 7. Note that I disagree, and would like to have mail  
>>>> sent at least to chairs@
>>> I stand corrected. Our transitions document already says for FPWD:
>>> "In order to facilitate peer review, once the document has been  
>>> published, the Chair sends a transition announcement to  
>>> and the group's public mailing list."
>>> Since it's in the transitions documentation, can we remove it from the  
>>> process document?
>> IMHO, No. It should be in the process, so that it doesn't stop  
>> happening e.g. because someone just decides that it isn't necessary  
>> since the news is already on the home page or something.
> Appearance in the process document will have no practical impact on  
> publications since people don't consult the process document
> when publishing.

And other people (existence proof: Me) do.

People certainly look at the process document from time to time and ask  
why it wasn't followed.

> While I don't think it's necessary (and adds to the length of the  
> process document) I don't object to having it there as the justification  
> for the existing pubrules requirement.

OK. Anyway, I haven't figured out how to resolve the issue, so it is still  
raised (I'd like to Open it, but I am waiting on SteveZ to call a meeting  
or find a process to agree things between meetings).



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