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> I think we should also move the "Wide Review" and "Implementation 
> Experience" pieces into CR, because that is where they get applied, 
> and move the recommendation for early testing etc toward the beginning 
> of the current "Review and responsibilities" section along with the 
> recommendations for early testing etc. and a pointer to the 
> explanations. So I haven't moved ISSUE-59 to PENDING REVIEW yet, but 
> comments on what is there now and whether I should make these further 
> changes would be appreciated.

It is important that a reader understand that "Wide Review" and "Implementation Experience" are critical to being able to move off of Working Draft to Candidate Recommendation. In the CSS style of specification, defintions that apply to the rest of the document occur near the beginning of the document.  That, however, is less important than telling readers at the beginning of Chapter 7, where the goals of the chapter are exposited, that both Wide Review and Implementation Experience are necessary to complete a REC track document.

Steve Z

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