Re: New chapter 7 draft

Sorry, in the new draft the links in the table of contents don't
necessarily work :( I will publish a new draft at the end of this week,
and I'll fix that. Again.


On Thu, 12 Dec 2013 04:04:04 +0400, Charles McCathie Nevile
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> Hi,
> I updated the editor's draft [1], where I have made a prospective effort  
> on ISSUE-59[1] (re-ordering the content). There were two commits, but  
> the changesets are pretty hard to read - diff doesn't make it easy to  
> follow big chunks moving around.
> The first commit was just moving the content around with a new Table of  
> Contents but the headings and numbering the same [2]. In the second one  
> (the current draft) I edited the headings themselves, renumbered  
> everything and rebuilt the outline to match the new structure.
> I've mostly avoiding touching the content so far. There are a couple of  
> placeholders where I think we need some text, and one for ISSUE-72[2]  
> (rationalising the explanation of changes, and the requirements for  
> different types of change). The issue has a proposal in its description  
> but I haven't done anything in the text, because I am waiting for  
> comments on the proposal.
> I think we should also move the "Wide Review" and "Implementation  
> Experience" pieces into CR, because that is where they get applied, and  
> move the recommendation for early testing etc toward the beginning of  
> the current "Review and responsibilities" section along with the  
> recommendations for early testing etc. and a pointer to the  
> explanations. So I haven't moved ISSUE-59 to PENDING REVIEW yet, but  
> comments on what is there now and whether I should make these further  
> changes would be appreciated.
> The "Latest Editor's draft" is  
> I haven't had a proper look at Ian's review yet, but that may lead to  
> some more changes.
> So there may be another draft at the end of this week, especially if I  
> manage to talk to fantasai, who wants to make some changes to the source  
> layout so it is easier to read diffs for each commit, or if I find  
> inspiration for edits that make the new structure smoother.
> [1]
> [2]
> cheers
> Chaals

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