New draft of process proposal


sorry for the delay. I've been sick. And then I went to the professionals,  
so now I am sicker :S

Anyway, I pushed a new draft today. Changes are listed at and the specific version is

I have included changes for ISSUE-51, ISSUE-53, and ISSUE-70 and moved  
those to pending review.

I have not done the re-org foreshadowed by fantasai that is issue 59. I  
started looking at it, and have some further comments and thoughts I'd  
like to explain and have people discuss (or agree to) before implementing.

I also raised issue 72 for rationalising the types of change - that would  
obsolete issue 47, and one of the changes proposed in issue 59 depends on  
it (although not specifically on resolving it as I have suggested.)

I'll try to write more about issues 72 and 59 later today.

Other feedback is also welcome, of course.



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