Re: getting external review of W3C process changes

On Thu, 05 Dec 2013 15:30:54 +0100, Larry Masinter <>  

> My simple suggestion is to explicitly ask for W3C liaison organizations  
> to review proposed changes to W3C process and/or the (revised) process  
> document.

Yes. That would seem the obvious path. W3C even helpfully tracks those.

> In particular, ask folks working on IETF, ISO, ECMA, and other standards  
> groups -- especially those in charge of specifications that are  
> critically part of the web platform -- to give feedback.
> Other standards groups should be able to understand and align their own  
> processes to W3C's.
> I know IETF has been working to reduce the complexity of the IETF  
> process.
> Things like whether W3C calls something a "Recommendation" or a  
> "Standard" probably matter more to those who want to make normative  
> reference to W3C specs (as happens in IETF frequently).
> I can suggest individuals who I think might be willing to engage in a  
> constructive dialog.

That would be great. But now this effort is taking place in public I would  
encourage you just to contact them directly.

(This is ISSUE-69 for tracker).



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