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2nd Participation Call: Workshop on Negative or Inconclusive rEsults in Semantic Web (#NoISE2015) @ ESWC

<link/> "Link:" (former: Proposal for extension mechanism)

[CfP] Linked Data Quality #LDQ2015 Call for Papers

[ESWC 2015] Call for Challenge: 2nd Linked Open Data-enabled Recommender Systems Challenge

[ESWC 2015] Call for Challenge: Concept-Level Sentiment Analysis

[ESWC 2015] Call for Challenge: Open Knowledge Extraction Challenge

[ESWC 2015] Call for Challenge: Schema-agnostic Queries over Large-schema Databases

[ESWC 2015] Call for Challenge: Semantic Publishing

[ESWC 2015] First Call For Demos

[ESWC 2015] First Call For Posters

[ESWC2015] Second Call For Demos

[ESWC2015] Second Call For Posters

[Proposal] schema:OnlineCourse

about issue#280 " should have mappings to Wikidata terms where possible"

AlCoB 2015: extended submission deadline 9 March

Call for Feedback on LIDER Roadmap (Public telco on February 19th, 3pm)

Call for Papers: The 9th International Web Rule Symposium (RuleML 2015)

CfP: 8th Workshop on Linked Data on the Web (LDOW2015) at WWW2015 in Florence, Italy

challenge us with your submission

Circa. dates

CONFIRM s1005516176

Contact Point for Venue?

Extended deadline for applying PhD positions of WDAqua project

Final Program - WorldCIST'15, Azores, Portugal, 1 - 3 April 2015

Fluent Editor Features

Fwd: Vocabulary Considerations for xAPI

How To Distinguish between a Photo and Other "Art" Images

InfoSec 2015: registration deadline 3 March

Invoice schema - paymentUrl

JSON-LD onsite examples: are @context values missing a trailing slash?

LATA 2015: call for participation

List of Workshops - CISTI'2015: 10th Iberian Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

missing VAT identification number?

New release candiate for review (sdo-stantz)

Non-trivial trading flows with actions

Proposal / RFC: Thing > Intangible > Course[OfStudy?] Type (and OnlineCourse subtype)

Proposal for extension mechanism

Proposal: Additional properties related to flight boarding passes

Proposal: New TelevisionChannel type for TV listings

Proposal: New type for MovieEvents


schema:Animal, AnimalShelter, and ImageNet

Single event registration product with multiple prices

Some interesting things that show up when using a reasoner to classify

The perils and delights of multiple type entities for (was Re: Proposal:

Two fully funded PhD positions on Answering Questions using Web Data

VoCamp in Energy measurement data in municipalities

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