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Thanks for your input Dan Scott.  I won't flog a dead horse, but I will
point out that searchers do care if a game is mobile; while "android" +
"game" queries do see a higher volume than "mobile" + "game" queries,
"mobile" + "game" queries consistently see more volume than all [iOS term]
+ "game" queries combined.

android games - 550000
ios games - 9900
ipad games - 27100
iphone games - 18100
mobile games - 74000

free android games - 90500
free ipad games - 9900
free iphone games - 4400
free ios games- 1600
free mobile games - 27100

[Data:  Google Keyword Planner, exact match queries, average monthly volume
in the Google network based on Feb. 2014-Jan. 2015 inclusive]

And if there's a consensus, then, that a VideoGame needs a gamePlatform
declaration to be useful for users that are looking for games on the basis
of whether or not a game runs on that user's system, then the Monopoly
example on should be denuded of its second type
declaration for "MobileApplication" since it seemingly adds no value yet
introduces the complexity of an MTE.

On Fri, Feb 13, 2015 at 7:25 PM, Dan Scott <> wrote:

> On Fri, Feb 13, 2015 at 05:23:39PM -0800, Jerome Mourits wrote:
>> But isn't it more useful to be able to limit searches to your specific
>> platform rather than mobile in general?  If we had the site search that
>> you
>> described, I'd still end up having to refine my search to find to the
>> games
>> that are available for blackberry.
>> Nintendo 3ds has an appstore:
>> Consoles also tend to have their own flavor of shop (Playstation network,
>> xbox live arcade)
>> PS Vita runs on 3G on AT&T:
> I have to agree. I don't care if a game is "mobile"; I care if it runs
> on one of my devices. Populating gamePlatform is going to be required to
> make the page meaningful in any context whether we stick with the broad
> VideoGame or mint a new MobileVideoGame type.
> As for the Google Custom Search Engine use case, you can use the
> type as the first level of search, but then filter those
> results by structured data attributes (such as gamePlatform).
> The alternative to using a structured data attribute in Google CSE to
> limit to the actual platform of interest would be to spawn a bunch of
> types like AndroidVideoGame, iOSVideoGame, FirefoxOSVideoGame,
> NintendoDSVideoGame, etc, and I don't think anyone wants that.
> So, -1 to MobileVideoGame (unless, of course, I'm overlooking something
> obvious).

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