Fwd: Vocabulary Considerations for xAPI

Document linked in message below includes in it's introcuction:

"[...]By leveraging Linked Data as the foundation for xAPI vocabularies,
Communities of Practice (CoP) could fundamentally improve the quality
and semantic interoperability of xAPI data by allowing the vocabulary
metadata to match schemas and interlink previously unrelated datasets.
In other words, controlled vocabularies and ontology metadata for xAPI,
if linked, could provide the semantic glue needed to make xAPI data
become more expressive and reusable.[...]"

I hope to join next xAPI telecon on Wednesday! I will also point them to
recent discussions about extending schema.org and work in Social WG and
Credentials CG.

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Subject: Vocabulary Considerations for xAPI
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2015 13:49:35 -0600
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Hi Everyone,

ADL has published a white paper for public comment on controlled vocabulary
considerations for the xAPI.

The timing seems as as good as ever since just this week we heard from Adam
Cooper (JISC Cetis) and others about the various tools they are using. This
paper is not intended to be an exhaustive list of solutions. It is an
initial exploration into the some of the development, discoverability, and
management challenges that will need to address if we want to align xAPI
vocabularies with best practices and standards. What are we missing? We
want to hear from you.


Simply respond to this thread on the xAPI google groups you are subscribed
to if you would like to share your feedback or thoughts. If you are
interested in leading or supporting any of the "Call-To-Action" items at
the end of the paper, please contact us at xapi-vocabulary@adlnet.gov.


J Haag

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