Re: JSON-LD onsite examples: are @context values missing a trailing slash?

On 19 February 2015 at 20:25, Gregg Kellogg <> wrote:

> As Kingsley points out, though <> and <> are two different resources in the strict RDF sense.

RDF does not make a unique names assumption; different URIs can be
names for the same real world entity.

 "Any IRI or literal denotes something in the world (the "universe of
discourse"). These things are called resources. Anything can be a
resource, including physical things, documents, abstract concepts,
numbers and strings; the term is synonymous with "entity" as it is
used in the RDF Semantics specification".

When we introduced the WebSite type for I considered
exploiting this very slim distinction between <> and
<> (the former being a WebSite, the latter being a
different entity, its home page, a WebPage). But the distinction is
too slippery and undeployable in practice for a number of reasons.

All this nitpicking aside I do see value in nudging
examples towards using with the trailing slash, for
consistency with the RDFa vocab declaration.


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