Non-trivial trading flows with actions


Is there a description or an example of a complex trading flow with
offers containing addOns, payments and delivery tracking somewhere?

I have difficulty to piece together a non-trivial trading flow. Let us
assume we model a coffee shop [1]

I start with an organization which uses makesOffer to advertise its

    "@context": "",
    "@type": "CafeOrCoffeeShop",
    "name": "Kaffeehaus Hagen",
    "makesOffer": [
            "@type": "Offer",
            "itemOffered": {
                "@type": "Product",
                "name": "Latte Macchiato"
            "price": 2.8,
            "priceCurrency": "EUR",
            "addOn": [
                    "@type": "Offer",
                    "itemOffered": {
                        "@type": "Product",
                        "name": "shot"
                    "price": 0.2,
                    "priceCurrency": "EUR"

Now I am stuck. Each offer should probably have a potentialAction which
allows to accept the offer with optional add-Ons. Candidates are
AcceptAction, BuyAction, PayAction, ConsumeAction, OrderAction. Which
one accepts an offer?

I need to be able to accept an offer with addOns, and I need to be able
to update an order before I really commit it. In the classic restbucks
example [1] I simply put an order several times until I am satisfied.
The simple buy-an-ipod example in the actions documentation [2] does
return an Order, but an Order or a Product can't have addOns.

I also couldn't find a way to specify how many items I want to buy
(amountOfThisGood seems not right). And finally, it seems not clearly
defined how to continue shopping.

My feeling is, it would really help to have a description of a
non-trivial trading flow with payment, invoice and delivery tracking. On
the one hand to identify missing links, on the other hand to document a
possible way to buy products or services with actions.

Is someone working on this already? If not, should we discuss this here?

Best regards,


Received on Thursday, 19 February 2015 09:53:51 UTC