Re: Proposal for extension mechanism

On 02/15/2015 03:14 PM, Dan Brickley wrote:
> As you say there are plenty of details to work through. One thing to
> consider is the extend to which we might want to make use of the
> @context facilities of JSON-LD, to map between JSON structures and
> namespaced URIs. Whatever we do needs to work also for Microdata and
> RDFa

Could we consider looking at your last statement more in direction:
"Whatever we do needs to work with HTML (Microdata or RDFa)

So we don't require JSON-LD, make sure that people can use good old HTML
and then depending on complexity of data they want to publish, can
choose between Microdata or RDFa.

I also find RDFa Vocabulary Expansion quite interesting and lightweight

* rdf:type
* rdfs:subClassOf
* rdfs:subPropertyOf
* owl:equivalentClass
* owl:equivalentProperty

It looks similar to at least because it does not use
rdfs:domain & rdfs:range

On the other hand, Embedding JSON-LD in HTML Documents could also come
as solution here


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