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Fwd: Work with tobie/robin re webapps WPT submissions getting announced on public-webapps[-testsuite] Arthur Barstow (Monday, 16 December)

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Importing wtp tests into WebKit FABLET Youenn (Friday, 6 December)

Code review improvements James Graham (Thursday, 14 November)

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Need review for changes to some html/webapps tests James Graham (Monday, 4 November)

Feature interoperability tests - has it been done before? Mihai Balan (Sunday, 3 November)

Testing for WebRTC Dominique Hazael-Massieux (Wednesday, 23 October)

Reviews up for self-hosting test repository James Graham (Monday, 21 October)

Adding the testharness.js subrepo to the csswg-test repo Rebecca Hauck (Wednesday, 16 October)

Testing and certificates James Graham (Friday, 11 October)

Re: Simple Proposal for setting HTTP headers Martin J. Dürst (Tuesday, 8 October)

Re: Testing Pointer Lock Vincent Scheib (Friday, 4 October)

Re: CSS tests in github/web-platform Rebecca Hauck (Friday, 4 October)

Re: Participate/Sponsor Test the Web Forward in China Laurence Mclister (Wednesday, 2 October)

CSS test GitHub repo strategy for TestTWF Shenzhen Rebecca Hauck (Tuesday, 1 October)

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