Re: Adding the testharness.js subrepo to the csswg-test repo

On Oct 16, 2013, at 20:59, Peter Linss <> wrote:

> It's also not clear to me if we'd want that mirrored on the mercurial side as a subrepo. I don't know that much about how git handles submodules, but in hg a subrepo would stay fixed at a particular revision unless the parent is updated to use a new revision.

Same for Git.

> In other words, we wouldn't get the automatic updating of the resources directory, as we do know by leaving them separate. Is this what's really wanted?

Yes, for consistency with the main repo.

> I haven't seen any discussion about making the resources directory a submodule in the main WPT repo, so I'm not sure what the goals of this change are.

It's been a submodule on the main repo for a while now.


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