Re: CSS test GitHub repo strategy for TestTWF Shenzhen

My only concern is around the CLA here. How are you planning to handle that?

Good point. Since you're asking this question, I'll assume the CLA in the repo does not cover submissions to forks? I guess I assumed that it did. Or rather, I didn't think about it at all b/c I'm not a lawyer.

What do you recommend? I see a few possible options:

 1.  Just have people sign the Grant of License form[1]. We've been doing this all along anyway.
 2.  Extend the CLA to cover forks (or at least just this one). More lawyers = more complicated?
 3.  Make the forked repo under the w3c github organization. Is it even possible to fork a repo into the same organization from which it originated? Would it then be covered by the CLA?  If this is a viable option, I'd need full control of just this repo to cover the workflow I described. Also, there's the issue of the 2 csswg-test repos here and clarifying what they each are.

Other suggestions?

Keep in mind that we'll likely want to repeat this for other events, so it's worthwhile to solve and document well  particularly for other organizers down the line (there are several in early discussions about events in 2014 now that won't involve me & the core team).  The current setup is too much of a burden for organizers and should not introduce additional bottlenecks it has proven to do.



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