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I'm resurrecting this proposal I made (mistakenly, privately) six months ago when we first began to adopt github since Tobie has just proposed the same for the Shenzhen event [1].

Peter, given that we've tried for several events using the github mirror + hg-git bridge and had difficulties, are you willing to reconsider this approach this time?



From: Peter Linss <<>>
Date: Thursday, April 4, 2013 10:56 AM
To: Rebecca Hauck <<>>
Cc: Kris Krueger <<>>, Tobie Langel <<>>, Robin Berjon <<>>
Subject: Re: CSS tests in github/web-platform

On Apr 4, 2013, at 9:24 AM, Rebecca Hauck wrote:

Hey Peter,

At the upcoming Seattle TestTWF event, we expect a mix of CSS and HTML tests and would like it if everyone followed the same submission process  using github.  We'll probably even do a little "get set up with github" optionally for those who aren't familiar.  We're thinking of having people submit CSS tests into web-platform-tests/css  (which doesn't exist currently), but I wanted to check with you first.  Are you planning on mirroring the CSS repo on github?  If we put the tests in this proposed location, would it be easy to migrate them in to the CSS infrastructure?  If not, can you suggest an alternative github location? We really want to avoid supporting putting our test writers in silos based on what tests they're writing.

Also, Robin, Tobie, if you have any objections or suggestions, please let us know.


This is an interesting situation... I think it's probably best to NOT have people contribute new CSS tests into web-platform-tests at this point. It's our intent to be migrating our current repository into the common solution at some point, but we have to be careful to preserve all of our existing review data. Given the importance of that data, and the cost of getting it, we can't take any chances on losing our current state.

I am working on mirroring our current repository, as-is, on GitHub as a first step towards integration and I should have that online before the TTWF in Seattle. For this event I suggest people clone that repo and submit pull requests on GitHub for their contributions to CSS tests. We may have to do some manual work to bring those submissions back in to our repo, but I think that will be better than trying to interleave other repositories later.


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