Re: CSS tests in github/web-platform

On Thursday, October 3, 2013 at 7:32 PM, Rebecca Hauck wrote:
> + public-test-infra 
> I'm resurrecting this proposal I made (mistakenly, privately) six months ago when we first began to adopt github since Tobie has just proposed the same for the Shenzhen event [1]. 
> Peter, given that we've tried for several events using the github mirror + hg-git bridge and had difficulties, are you willing to reconsider this approach this time?
As argued in my previous email[1], I think we should list pros and cons of the current status quo and those of my/Rebecca's proposal (use the main test repo for TestTWF contributions of CSS tests) so we can make an informed decision.

Rebecca, you're in the best position to document the downsides of the current situation, Peter, you're well positioned to document issues with this proposal.

Would you two be willing to do that in the wiki[2] to help us reach a resolution on this issue?




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