Re: Importing wtp tests into WebKit

On 06/12/13 16:04, FABLET Youenn wrote:
> Hi,
> I am planning to import some XMLHttpRequest WTP tests within WebKit test
> framework.
> That may require running these tests from URLs like:
> “http://localhost:8000/imported/tests/w3c/XMLHttpRequest/foo_test.html”
> Ideally all URLs used through XHR should stay within
> “http://localhost:8000/imported/”.
> “/resources/my_script.php” would be bad for instance.
>  From a quick check, the tests seem just fine.
> Any confirmation or insight would be appreciated.

Note that there is a plan to replace the PHP with python running on a 
custom server in the near future (see [1]). This will significantly 
impact the XHR tests and you might want to build on that work (the 
jgraham/python_review_2 branch) rather than on current master.


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