Re: Testing for WebRTC

Hi Ted,

thanks, this is very good to hear about.

On 23/10/2013 21:12 , Ted Mielczarek wrote:
> We've discussed extending Steeplechase to run tests between different
> Firefox versions, to catch regressions that would break cross-version
> connectivity. This would be fairly straightforward. Extending it to work
> cross-browser would be possible but quite a bit harder, since we have
> lots of experience automating Firefox but not much experience automating
> other browsers. If that work happened I would expect it to involve us
> working with other browser vendors.

If there is interest from other browser vendors in doing this, you are 
more than welcome to use this forum (and in general our infrastructure) 
to make that happen. It's just a thought but we could also have some 
form of TestTWF event dedicated to WebRTC.

> If we weren't concerned with fully-automated testing it would be a lot
> simpler to extend the Steeplechase harness to have a "semi-automated"
> mode, where the harness simply started a web server and provided two
> URLs to load in a pair of browsers. The HTML+JS bits of the harness are
> fairly straightforward and would not be difficult to make fully
> cross-browser. The only Firefox-specific bits in there right now are for
> loading some test configuration (which could simply be URL parameters
> instead) and quitting the browser (which isn't necessary for
> semi-automated testing).

That already sounds really useful and certainly something that would be 
interesting to have as part of an interop event if that's what WebRTC 
ends up doing.

Robin Berjon - - @robinberjon

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