Re: [testing] Common way to "manage" test bugs?

On 19/12/13 15:16, Ms2ger wrote:
> [ Bcc: public-webapps, public-webapps-testsuite ]
> Hi Art,
> On 12/19/2013 03:54 PM, Arthur Barstow wrote:
>> I think it would be helpful if WebApps had a common way to "manage" test
>> case bugs,  in particular:
>> 1. A common way to report a test bug
>> 2. An easy way to determine if a specific test suite has any open bugs.
>> (For example, if someone goes to the websockets test suite on WPT, it
>> should be easy to determine if any of the test cases have open bugs.)
>  >
>> Comments, proposals, etc. are welcome.
> I strongly believe we should decide on a single way of managing bugs for
> all test suites in w-p-t (so moving the discussion to
> public-test-infra). It doesn't really matter to me whether that's done
> through github or bugzilla. Two things to consider, though:
> * Some issues might span multiple test suites.
> * It seems possible that we'd want to cross-reference test suite issues
> and specification issues.
> * Cross-referencing commits/PRs with issues might also be useful.

It pains me to say this, but if we want any kind of bug reports from 
non-core contributers, GitHub issues are probably the way to go. The 
extreme suckiness of their issue tracker is outweighed by the fact that 
reporting bugs in bugzilla is super-painful; you have to know it exists, 
create a user account, figure out what the right component is and then 
finally file the actual issue. By contrast, with GH you more or less 
just click "New Issue".

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