Re: CSS test GitHub repo strategy for TestTWF Shenzhen

>> 2. When is the earliest possible that this can be ready? May we get it
>> switched a week or two (preferably) before the event?
>I'm working on adding the bi-directional sync at the moment. I hope to
>have it running by the end of the week, maybe early next week. (depending
>on glitches I've been finding in the hg-git code).

Ok, thanks for the update.

>Push come to shove I can punt on my current approach and simply reverse
>the sync for the event fairly quickly, I'm just trying to do it "the
>right way" first.
>> 3. May we use the issue tracker to start logging tests we'll be
>> for people to write?  I'd need permission on the repo to use labels on
>> them. I've already got a list accumulating for 3-4 different CSS specs
>> filtering by labels is highly desired.
>That's fine by me, but either I'm not finding the GitHub UI to add you to
>the csswg-test repo or I don't have access to add you. Someone with owner
>rights in the w3c organization will have to add you to the 'csswg-owners'
>team. Tobie?

Tobie, can you look into this when you get a chance?

>Please don't do any merges or commits directly to the GitHub repo though
>until I tell you that the sync is in place.

No problem. I'll wait until you give the all-clear.

>> 4. I assume we'll have to grant certain people the right permissions for
>> merging, labeling, etc?  I currently have 4-5 people who'll be
>> CSS test groups + some additional CSSWG members confirmed as experts.
>> If/when you grant me the proper permissions, will I be able to do this
>> myself or do you need a list of github Ids?
>It doesn't look like I can grant those permissions at the moment (unless
>my access gets bumped), it looks like you'll have to get someone with w3c
>owner rights to either make you an owner, or add the people you want. But
>again, please don't add anyone else until the sync is set up, having too
>many people with push access before the sync is ready is just asking for

I won't need to do this until the eve/morning of the event, but Tobie,
this also sounds like something I'll need your help with.

>> 5. Finally, and this is probably more of a feature request: For this
>> and going forward, we will be adopting the process of the WPT repo in
>> merged PRs will be considered approved. When they land in Shepherd, they
>> go in as 'Submitted for Review' if they don't have reviewer links,
>> 'Accepted' if reviewed by someone not on a short list, or 'Approved' if
>> reviewed by Certain People. Since the reviewer is identified in Github,
>> it's kind of make-work to have to manually add this as metadata
>> I realize Shepherd needs it there). Is there a way automate this and
>> insert the reviewer info base on the person who does the merge?
>There isn't currently. We can add some micro syntax to the merge,
>something like the person doing the merge adds '[approved]' to the
>beginning of the commit message when merging. Or the person doing the
>merge can just set the status to approved in Shepherd, you don't have to
>have the metadata in the test.

Setting the status in Shepherd was something I was trying to avoid since
there's already some automation built in there. If you're ok with the
reviewer info not landing the in Shepherd via metadata, I can advise the
experts to use the micro syntax you suggest. I'll just be sure that they
clearly identify themselves in their merge messages as the reviewer &
approver so it's still visible with the test in the Shepherd UI.

>> Also, for this workflow, I'd like to promote the TestTWF experts in
>> Shepherd to be on the list of Certain People whose reviewed tests are
>> automatically set to Approved.  It will cut down the work I have to do
>> Shepherd afterward. Any objection to this?
>No objection. You can add approvers in Shepherd yourself in the
>repository manager UI:
>Just add the people you want to the 'testing-peer' group.

Cool. I'll take care of this when I promote these people in Github.

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