Need review for changes to some html/webapps tests

As part of the work to make the testsuite self hosting, I have made 
changes to a number of testsuites to remove the dependence on PHP and 
eliminate hardcoded server names. These changes touch a variety of 
testsuites that I don't own and need careful review. If possible I would 
like to complete this work before TestTWF/Shenzen, which is this 
Saturday. Therefore, if you are able to review any of the remaining 
unreviewed changes in the following directories, I would sincerely 
appreciate your efforts:


(note in case it comes up: "old-tests" here is a signifier that these 
testsuites have not been fully reviewed and moved to their permanent 
home; not that they are outdated or low value. The slow progress on this 
is another problem we have to solve.)

The review is at [1]. I am around to provide any help you need with the 
machanics of the review process, or to answer technical questions about 
the changes, so please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Received on Monday, 4 November 2013 14:14:19 UTC