Reviews up for self-hosting test repository

I have opened a couple of PRs for making the test repository 
self-hosting. This is quite a big change and important for 
web-platform-tests going forward, so more people might be interested in 
looking over the changes and/or following the review.

The first review [1] is for the new wptserve web server. This is 
intended to replace apache+php for running tests. There is some 
documentation for this server at [2], which might even be enough to 
figure out how to write a test. Of course this will be added to in the 
future as it becomes clear which parts are difficult or underdocumented.

The second review [3] is an update of the repository to be compatible 
with the new server. This is quite a substantial change touching many 
existing tests. In particular this change:

1) removes all .php files and replaces them with equivalent files that 
work under wptserve

2) updates all the tests to use the new infrastructure

3) Removes all .htaccess files and replaces them with .headers files.

It would be particularly useful if people who have written tests that 
depend on PHP files could review the changes to those tests to ensure 
that the meaning of the test has not accidentially changed in the 
transition. It is rather easy for me to find cases where the test times 
out or errors, but rather more difficult to spot where I have introduced 
erroneous fails or, in particular, erroneous passes.


Received on Monday, 21 October 2013 20:28:22 UTC