Re: CSS test GitHub repo strategy for TestTWF Shenzhen

>I have another proposal to make. It is probably a bit crazy, there are
>obvious downsides to it which might end up being deal breakers, but it
>elegantly solves all of the problems you've been bringing up here, and
>What if we immediately started to use the main repository for
>contributions of CSS tests made during TestTWF events?

Not crazy at all. In fact, it was my first proposal just prior to Seattle!
 My apologies for not using the public list to begin with, but I've just
resurrected it with Peter's response, where he advised against this
approach [1]. 

>We could add directories for each CSS WG spec much like we do for the
>specs of other groups. When the time comes to merge the content of the
>CSS repo into the main directory, everything would already be setup. In
>the unfortunate event that the CSS WG would decide not to join the common
>effort, we could always merge the CSS tests back to the CSS WG's repo at
>relatively low engineering costs.
>This solution obviously completely solves your workflow issues. It also
>solves the CLA problem I raised and the issues related to creating a
>dedicated GH org I mentioned above.
>An added benefit is that it really simplifies the documentation and the
>explanation done at TestTWF events and on There is
>one repo, one workflow, one way to do things, etc. It's also nicely

+++ to all of this!

Again, sorry for creating thread confusion by splitting this one yet
again. I just wanted to keep Peter's response to the original proposal
intact so we can continue the conversation from there.



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