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Propose to close ISSUE-34 by dropping rr:tableOwner Richard Cyganiak (Thursday, 30 June)

Formal objection to ISSUE-2 resolution Richard Cyganiak (Tuesday, 28 June)

Minutes from June 28 Telcon ashok malhotra (Tuesday, 28 June)

Agenda for June 28 Telcon (Today) ashok malhotra (Tuesday, 28 June)

Read: The Robustness Principle Reconsidered Michael Hausenblas (Friday, 24 June)

Appeal to "database theory" in Direct Mapping Richard Cyganiak (Wednesday, 22 June)

Do we have consensus that we don't need more R2RML syntaxes? Richard Cyganiak (Tuesday, 21 June)

Propose to postpone ISSUE-36 Richard Cyganiak (Tuesday, 21 June)

Housekeeping on open/raised issues, with PROPOSAL Richard Cyganiak (Tuesday, 21 June)

Minutes of 2011-06-21 telecon Michael Hausenblas (Tuesday, 21 June)

ISSUE-47 (invalid-iris): What happens when rr:column, rr:template etc produce invalid IRIs? [R2RML] RDB2RDF Working Group Issue Tracker (Tuesday, 21 June)

ISSUE-46 (shorter property names): Remove the "use" prefix from property names [R2RML] RDB2RDF Working Group Issue Tracker (Tuesday, 21 June)

RDB2RDF Test Case for ISSUE 42 Boris Villazón Terrazas (Tuesday, 21 June)

The mapping language MUST define the set of relational algebra to be supported Enrico Franconi (Tuesday, 21 June)

RDB2RDF WG agenda for 2011-06-21 meeting 1600 UTC Michael Hausenblas (Tuesday, 21 June)

ISSUE-45 (termtype-iris): IRIs instead of literals for rr:termType choices [R2RML] RDB2RDF Working Group Issue Tracker (Monday, 20 June)

Fwd: RDF WG Resolution Regarding Various Forms of String Literals Ivan Herman (Thursday, 16 June)

Re: R2RML, v 1.65 2011/06/15: implementation experience. Michael Hausenblas (Wednesday, 15 June)

v.164 has ISSUE-18 resolution related changes Souripriya Das (Wednesday, 15 June)

Minutes of 2011-06-14 telecon Michael Hausenblas (Tuesday, 14 June)

abstract syntax for R2RML mapping Eric Prud'hommeaux (Tuesday, 14 June)

Agenda for June 14 Telcon ashok malhotra (Monday, 13 June)

Functions to compute URIs David McNeil (Wednesday, 8 June)

Today's meeting cancelled ... Michael Hausenblas (Tuesday, 7 June)

Issue 42 ashok malhotra (Sunday, 5 June)

Re: Proposed Resolution for Issue 42 Enrico Franconi (Wednesday, 1 June)

Re: Re-opening ISSUE-22 on vendor-specific SQL David McNeil (Wednesday, 1 June)

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