Minutes of 2011-06-14 telecon


The minutes of today's meeting are available for review at [1]. Ivan,  
thanks a million for the awesome scribing!

In this very productive meeting today we've resolved the following:

RESOLUTION: Re ISSUE-22 the WG decides to introduce an OPTIONAL  
attribute. if attribute is present, we assume it's a specific dialect.  
if attribute is absent, we do not know what dialect it is. we only  
specify the behaviour of R2RML where the attribute says it's SQL-2008.

as well as:

RESOLUTION: Re ISSUE-42, the WG decides add to the Direct Mapping spec  
the generating of rdfs:range (and possibly other) schema triples and  
also add a note to the Direct Mapping spec saying: "The DM does not  
generate triples for NULL values. For a detailed discussion of this  
issue, see the following document" which points to a separate working  
group note.

Thanks everyone involved and let's keep up the processing speed! ;)


[1] http://www.w3.org/2011/06/14-rdb2rdf-minutes.html

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