Re: Functions to compute URIs

> If the information is not in the database, how do you expect R2RML to
> know about it?
> > In the past I believe we have talked about satisfying this type of
> > need (in the context of ISSUE-7), by defining a framework for plugging
> > in user provided conversion functions without specifying the detailed
> > form which those plugins would take.
> My understanding is that RDB2RDF technologies shouldn't know *anything*
> about what's outside the database. This work should be done with other
> technologies, eg. rule engines.
In the past, in order to satisfy the goal in our charter of supporting the
notion of linked data, we talked about defining a mechanism to invoke a URI
generating function on data from the relational database. This would create
the opportunity to pull in data or an algorithm from outside of the
relational database and outside of the mapping itself. Perhaps we never
settled whether this is really a good idea? I seem to recall that D2RQ has a
mechanism something like this so perhaps Richard can provide a perspective
on how useful this is in practice.


Received on Wednesday, 8 June 2011 16:21:18 UTC