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a rigorous review of

abstract syntax for R2RML mapping


Agenda for June 14 Telcon

Agenda for June 14 Telcon - Revision 1

Agenda for June 28 Telcon (Today)

Appeal to "database theory" in Direct Mapping

Closing ISSUE-2 (was: Re: Formal objection to ISSUE-2 resolution)

Do we have consensus that we don't need more R2RML syntaxes?

Fear for explicit NULL values

Formal objection to ISSUE-2 resolution

Functions to compute URIs

Fwd: RDF WG Resolution Regarding Various Forms of String Literals

Housekeeping on open/raised issues, with PROPOSAL

Issue 42

ISSUE-45 (termtype-iris): IRIs instead of literals for rr:termType choices [R2RML]

ISSUE-46 (shorter property names): Remove the "use" prefix from property names [R2RML]

ISSUE-47 (invalid-iris): What happens when rr:column, rr:template etc produce invalid IRIs? [R2RML]

Minutes from June 28 Telcon

Minutes of 2011-06-14 telecon

Minutes of 2011-06-21 telecon

My mistake in the ISSUE-42 resolution (was: Re: a rigorous review of

Propose to close ISSUE-34 by dropping rr:tableOwner

Propose to postpone ISSUE-36

Proposed Resolution for Issue 42

R2RML, v 1.65 2011/06/15: implementation experience.

RDB2RDF Test Case for ISSUE 42

RDB2RDF WG agenda for 2011-06-21 meeting 1600 UTC

RDF WG Resolution Regarding Various Forms of String Literals

Re-opening ISSUE-22 on vendor-specific SQL

Read: The Robustness Principle Reconsidered

The mapping language MUST define the set of relational algebra to be supported

Today's meeting cancelled ...

v.164 has ISSUE-18 resolution related changes

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