Re: ISSUE-46 (shorter property names): Remove the "use" prefix from property names [R2RML]

On 23 Jun 2011, at 17:00, Eric Prud'hommeaux wrote:
>  - drop use: drop "use" and leave predicate and class names distinguished only by capitolization.

I'm quite ok with that too.

Some other vocabularies do that already.

You don't really need to use the class names much in practice; usually they are implicit.

We could also think about doing away with most of the classes, and just have, for example, NodeMap instead of SubjectMap, PropertyMap, ObjectMap. This would also help towards solving ISSUE-39:


>  - revert all: return to old predicate names withou use* and, as collatoral, restore the *Class classes.
> The priority should be on the predicate names; those are what people type. The class names are there for documentation.
>  $ perl -ne 'while (/\G.*?[^a-zA-Z](use[A-Z][a-zA-Z]*)/gms) { print $1, "\n" }' | sort | uniq
>  useLogicalTable
>  useObjectMap
>  usePredicateMap
>  usePredicateObjectMap
>  useRefObjectMap
>  useRefPredicateMap
>  useRefPredicateObjectMap
>  useSubjectMap
> In order to give us something to evaluate, I did this:
>  cp Overview.html P1.html
>  perl -ne 'while (/\G.*?[^a-zA-Z](use[A-Z][a-zA-Z]+)/g) { print $1, "\n" }' | sort | uniq | perl -ne 'm{^(.*)$}; print "perl -pi -e s/", $1, "/", lc(substr($1, 3, 1)), substr($1, 4), "/g P1.html", "\n"' | bash
> <> has assertions like "rr:logicalTable rdfs:range rr:LogicalTable ." which seem fine to me. The spec seems to hang together just fine with e.g. refrences to <a>LogicalTable</a>. This is my first choice.
> -- 
> -ericP

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