Re: Re-opening ISSUE-22 on vendor-specific SQL

> But that already fails to address exactly the example I gave in my email:
> What if the mapping says there should be a column "salary", but the result
> only contains a column "SALARY"? Is the mapping in error, or do you use the
> SALARY column? Is the answer the same for every RDBMS vendor? Note that the
> answer is to use the SALARY column anyways in SQL 2008, because we resolved
> to treat unquoted columns as case insensitive (like SQL 2008).

So can we treat vendor specific query column names the same as SQL 2008
identifiers? If they are unquoted then they are case insensitive.  The user
can make them case sensitive if needed by quoting them.

> We don't talk about the datatypes of the columns of other logical tables
> so it seems we can avoid talking about datatypes in the case of vendor
> specific SQLQueries (?).
> I think we do -- we require that certain columns be strings (if we generate
> IRIs an blank nodes IIRC -- I believe this was one of your issues and you
> proposed this resolution)

Yes, so that same restriction would apply to the results of vendor specific
queries, right?


Received on Wednesday, 1 June 2011 17:16:01 UTC