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[DM] Infoset mapping and dm:node-name

[F&O] 15.2.1 fn:deep-equal

[F&O] XSCH-FO-005 Casting xs:double and xs:float to xs:string

[F&O] XSCH-FO-007 Casting numerics and inconsistency

[FO] error in fn:substring-before

[FS] Editorial Comments on Appendix B.2

[FS] Editorial comments on Section 4 and a General Editorial remark

[FS] for clause normalization

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-057

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-060

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-062

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-064

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-065

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-068

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-087

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-088

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-106

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-110

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-113

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-114

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-116

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-118

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-119

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-120: Skipped Sections in 4 due to reworking of validation and construction

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-121

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-122

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-123

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-125

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-126

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-127

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-129

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-130

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-132

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-133

[FS] MS-FS-LC1-134

[public-qt-comments] <none>

[Serial] I18N WG last call comments

[Serial] IBM-SE-103: Treatment of whitespace in XHTML attributes

[Serialization] IBM-SE-004: XML Output Method

[Serialization] MS-SER-LC1-003

[Serialization] MS-SER-LC1-004

[Serialization] MS-SER-LC1-010

[Serialization] SCHEMA-P

[Serialization] SCHEMA-Q

[XPath 2.0] Sequences can never be nested ... but what about function arguments?

[XPath] About fn:last()

[XPath], [XQuery] i18n comments

[XSLT 2.0] Data types for a Basic XSLT processor

[XSLT 2.0] format-dateTime localised picture parameters long medium short

[XSLT 2.0] request, unparsed-entity-references

[XSLT 2.0] Setting off Deprecated Attributes

[XSLT2.0] Binding of a local xsl:variable or xsl:param by another local xsl:variable/xsl:param

[XSLT2.0] format-number function / xsl:decimal-format

[XSLT2.0] PSVI, XPath, and optimization

[XSLT2.0] value-of and backwards compatibility

anyURI and string

Cast/constructor should allow empty sequence.

Casting/constructors should accept the empty sequence


computed namespace constructors [qt-2003Nov0292-01]

lazy or eager variable initialization? [qt-2004Feb1090-01]

multiple modules with same namespace

ORA-SE-290-E: Title misuses the term "data models"

ORA-SE-293-E: Redundant phrase that can be deleted

ORA-SE-295-E: The Note overflow the right margin when printed

ORA-SE-297-E: Alphabetization problem

ORA-SE-299-E: misplaced comma

ORA-SE-303-B: undeclare-namespaces parameter is relevant to markup generation

ORA-SE-309-B: Poorly worded constraints on the output

ORA-SE-310-E: difficult sentence to parse

ORA-SE-327-B: Surely namespace declaration is part of serializing XML version 1.0

ORA-SE-328-E: no mention of the standalone property

PLease define 'collation'

Re [XSLT 2.0] Parameterized result-document

Typos in the November XSLT 2.0 Specification

Veterans Right to Attorney Representation Petition and Merchant Marine Bill/Write Your Representatives

XML Schema WG comments on Data Model

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