Re: computed namespace constructors [qt-2003Nov0292-01]


Thank you for your comment "computed namespace constructors" [1].

The XML Query Working Group has considered this comment.  it
turned out that another publc comment (from IBM) had suggested
that we remove all references to namespace nodes from the
XML Query specification.  We now have statically known namespaces
and in-scope namespaces.

The issue was closed with the following note:

    Replacing namespace nodes with the existing concept of "in-scope
    namespaces" will shorten and simplify the Data Model document,
    removing  various accessors on namespace nodes which XQuery does
    not provide any way  to invoke. Implementations that choose
    to support the (deprecated)  namespace axis can synthesize
    "namespace nodes" from the "in-scope  namespaces" property
    of an element node. Implementations that do not  support this
    deprecated axis need not be aware of namespace nodes at all.
    All references to "namespace nodes" in XPath and XQuery-related
    documents  (such as the Serialization document) can be rephrased
    in terms of the more  abstract concept of "in-scope namespaces"
    for an element; this provides  greater implementation flexibility
    and in many cases simplifies the  documents.

The XML Query Working Group invites you to examine the next public
draft, when it is released, to confirm that this has satisfied
your comment.

Thank you again,

(writing on behalf of the XML Query Working Group)


Internal reference: qt-2003Nov0292-01

Liam Quin, W3C XML Activity Lead,

Received on Wednesday, 9 June 2004 14:16:39 UTC